Tuareg Silver Ring Necklace


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Antique Tibetan turquoise, Berber coral, and Tuareg silver components in this 24 inch long necklace, 30" with pendants. The coral and turquoise are over 200 years old, while the Tuareg silver twisted ring is from the 1940's Mauritania. The ring measures 27mm diameter x 8mm at it's thickest point. The ring is tapered, and was an earring in it's former life. The Tibetan turquoise measures 22mm tall x 18mm wide and 7mm thick. The Berber coral bead measures 8mm x 8mm. The Tuareg bead added A-symetrically measures 17mm x 5mm diameter. All wire-wrapped and secure on oxidized sterling silver chain with an oxidized sterling S-clasp. Designed and handmade by Ruth.