Strand of Ultra-Rare Antique Kiffa Beads

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30" strand of very cool and magical antique beads made in Kiffa, Mauritania. It is very old and was made as a female fertility charm, mainly by women artists. Historically, Kiffa beads are very important as it is an ancient technique (dating to 1000 years ago) which makes it one of the oldest glass bead-making processes in Africa (which was purely African in origin). The 105 beads on this strand are around 150-200 years old, possibly older. This graduated strand has beads that are very small (5mm diamter) to large (29mm x 9mm x 11mm). A wonderful strand full of some of the most unique kiffa beads out there (including one rare double-sided pendant bead!); some beads are chipped (see photos). For more information check out issue #36 of Ornament Magazine.