Designer Gift Bead Box

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Antique 6-sectioned wooden box with sliding top, a fantastic bargain, containing a huge selection of gemstones, pearls, new and antique silver, findings and string!


1 strand 5mm sandalwood beads, 1 st 3mm sandalwood, 1 st opal glass seed beads (1700"s), 1 st clear glass seed beads 1800's, 1 large quartz crystal bead, 1 old glass pendant from Mali early 1900's, 2 carved shells conical shape, Mali, 1 st porcelain jasper rondelles, 1 st iolite rectangles, 1 st iolite faceted rondelles, 1 st 8mm porcelain jasper, 1 st 3mm iolite faceted rounds, 1 st 3mm faceted amethyst, 1 st grey rice-shape pearls, 1 st grey potato shape pearls, 1 bag assorted pearls, 1 bag amethyst rondelles, 1 rutillated quartz large faceted briolette, 1 bag aquamarine discs, 1 bag flat square aquamarine, 1 jade donut, 1 jade lucky stone pendant, 1 ancient Niger bow-drilled rondelle, 1 labradorite wing-shaped bead, 1 ancient amazonite bead Mali, 2 oparte milk glass rondelles, 2 turquoise rabbit fetishes, 4 afghan serpentine jade melon beads, 2 jasper round flat beads,1 st light-green 5mm pearls, 1 st aventurine rondelles, 1 st turquoise 7mm discs, 1 st 4mm turquoise, 1 box sz 11 seed beads rustic grey silver-lined alabaster from Japan, 1 st labradorite nuggets, 1 st 6mm grey agate, 1 st 21/2mm labradorite,1 st faceted 3mm labradorite, 1 rutillated quartz pendant sterling setting, 1 labradorite arrow pendant sterling setting, 1 labradorite teardrop sterling setting, 1 bag sterling granulated beads, 3 early 1900's silver diety pendants India, 5 Thai silver fluted bi-cones, 1 st Ethiopian silver anklet heishi, 4 round India silver beads, 1 finely fluted India silver bead with large hole, 1 antique bacon from India, 1 st Thai silver sz 11 seed beads, 1 st Thai silver collar beads, 1 bag Thai silver tapered tubes

Findings, all STERLING SILVER:

2 toggle clasps, 1 S-hook with iolite stone, 1 S-hook with flower detail, 3 mini S-hooks, 5 small lobster clasps, 20 2x2mm crimp beads, 10 bead-tips, 

10 21/2mm ball headpins, 10 22 gauge headpins, 10 24 gauge sm ball headpins,1 pair handmade earwires with moonstone setting, 2 pair Tai silver earwires with coiled detail, 3 pair plain hooks, 2 pair rounded earwires with 2mm ball, 3 pair handmade earwires with balled end in front

1 30 foot spool soft-flex wire, 1 84 yd spool khaki color C-lon string, 1 yard 24 gauge sterling half-hard round wire

Total value: $934.00!!