Silk Beadstringing Pack, Turquoise

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 Finest quality, manufactured in Germany, turquoise silk beadstringing thread, pre-threaded on a flexible needle, 80 inches per pack. Perfect for knotting or straight stringing gemstone or glass beads. The doubled string through the eye of the needle is twisted together for one fine stringing experience. Use bead-tips for connecting to clasp, or boullion (a tiny spring in gold or silver color for thread protection). Use string for a better drape and hang! 19 Beautiful Colors! Sold in 4 thicknesses:
  • Size 2 for .5mm holes
  • Size 4 for .8mm holes
  • Size 6 for 1mm holes
  • Size 8 for 1.2mm holes
  • Please include size preference
  • Last 2 Pictures show all the silk colors