Botswana Agate & Sterling Necklace by Ruth

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Beautiful antique Botswana agate bead with oxidized sterling silver chain, an Ethiopian Silver ring, and antique silver bead from India. Oxidized chain has oval links and an S-clasp. Large Botswana agate bead is 2- 300 years old with opaque and  translucent aspects, from Burma. This beautifully striated agate measures 22mm diameter x 38mm long x 11mm thick, an incredible stone! Large Ethiopian silver discs on either end of the stone. Bottom silver ring measures 23mm diameter x 5mm thick with worn-through spot for hanging. The vintage silver bead above measures 16mm diameter with dragon-scale texture. Necklace is 27 inches long to the center "V", but could be shortened. Designed and fabricated by Ruth.