Bag 'O Beads, African Trade Mix

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What can $15 get you? How about a 2×2" baggie stuffed with assorted African trade beads! As you can see from the photo, a 2×2" zip-lock can hold A LOT of beads of various sizes, shapes, age, composition, and condition. Each bag has different beads, and we choose them at random and stuff the bag (we will attempt to include at least one large "focal" bead in each bag). Sizes can range from a 16º seed bead up to large beads 25mm in length. These aren’t super rare beads, nevertheless you get some pretty cool ones in each bag. Limited supplies on hand.
No returns on this product. The photo illustrates a SAMPLE of the types of beads you will receive and NOT the ACTUAL beads up for sale (although all of these beads did fit in a 2"x 2" baggie!). No special request packing, it’s all randomly selected.